Flanges for switchgears

Flanges are made of aluminium and supplied with neoprene gasket. All aluminium flanges have class IP67 protection.



Aluminium flanges

No threaded holes or openings.

Product code Type / size Package (pce)
VD05-0060 B-flange 10
VD05-0061 C-flange 10
VD05-0062 D-flange 5


Aluminium flanges with threaded holes

Flanges are compatible with common cable glands. Counter nuts are not needed during installation of the cable glands.

Product code Type / size Package (pce)
VD05-0075 B 1xM40 10
VD05-0067 B 2xM40 10
VD05-0043 B 3xM20 10
VD05-0066 B 3xM32 10
VD05-0044 B 4xM25 10
VD05-0045 C 2xM40 10
VD05-0069 C 2xM50 10
VD05-0070 C 2xM63 10
VD05-0046 C 2xM63+2xM20 10
VD05-0068 C 3xM32 10
VD05-0028 C 3xM40 10
VD05-0047 C 3xM50+2xM20 10
VD05-0048 C 4xM20 10
VD05-0077 C 4xM32+3xM25 10
VD05-0029 C 7xM25+2xM20 10
VD05-0078 D 1xM75 5
VD05-0051 D 2xM50 5
VD05-0071 D 2xM63 5
VD05-0053 D 2xM75 5
VD05-0054 D 3xM63+2xM25 5
VD05-0055 D 4xM63+2xM20 5