An agile and versatile contract manufacturer for a wide range of industries

Ouneva Group is a major contract manufacturer for a number of industries. We offer an exceptionally broad range of technology solutions, utilised among our customers in the medical, electronic, telecommunications, mechanical and other industrial sectors.

Every year we deliver millions of metal and plastic components to the electrotechnical industry. Thanks to our high production volume capabilities, we continually improve our production methods and processes to achieve outstanding levels of quality. Our customised products as well as the Ouneva range of electrical connectors are a prime example of our unrivalled expertise in connector technology.

Our substantial production capacity allows us to adapt easily the varying needs of any industry. By using our developing and manufacturing experience, components with extreme tolerances are produced in clean rooms using injection moulding technology on automated assembly lines. With our cutting-edge automation expertise, we provide a reliable and efficient automation projects for our customers.

With our new electronics facility we have obtained a strong position as a contract manufacturer of electronics and fully assembled (box build) products. Thanks to our experience in large electrical systems for the special vehicle industry, we have an excellent base for producing complex instrument panels and electrical systems. For example, we manufacture tailor-made housings that can be made from sheet metal, die-cast aluminium or injection-moulded plastic.

The design, project management, logistics and management of the delivery chain are all included in our contract manufacturing services.


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