The most versatile technology portfolio

The special strength of the Ouneva Group is its exceptionally wide range of manufacturing technologies. In addition to our comprehensive portfolio, we have the skills, experience and capacity to deliver customised solutions to various  industries.

We have significantly increased our capacity in sheet metal working, die-casting, injection moulding and powder coating. Additionally, our new electronics facility makes it possible to double the volume of production.

We continually develop our production expertise, leading to improved machine and process performance. The production development includes investment in production environment. Ouneva Group production development includes also electronic documentation, measuring, traceability and control of working environment.

We continue to expand our technology portfolio to meet the needs of our growing customer base. One of the latest technological leaps we have taken is to add liquid silicon rubber (LSR) injection moulding into our production of plastics. New technological solutions, such as overmoulding and fully automated assembly solutions are often implemented in customised projects.

Our broad technology range has brought us new customer relationships. For example, our technology is currently used in navigational and communication systems within the vehicle industry and in the connector technology of battery driven vehicles.



• Milling and machining
• Punching
• Sheet metal work
• Die casting


• Wire harnesses
• Electrical systems


• Injection moulding of plastic
• Clean room production
• 2K/3K injection moulding
• Silicone injection moulding (LSR)
• Combining plastic and metal


• Electrochemical plating
• Powder coating