Sustainable solutions for the future

Our success is based on over 50 years of persistent and hard work. It has created a solid foundation for our customers’ success.

Our corporate family has grown in response to a changing world and increased demand. Ouneva Group is a stable and respected industrial partner. Our work can be seen all over the world. .


Our vision

Our values

We work


We are open and honest. Caring and respect weld us together. The solutions we offer to our customers are built from the sum of our parts.

We bravely


We strive to be a step ahead in everything we do. We believe that growth comes from quick and agile responses to the changing demands of the future.

We create
the best


Our success is based on persistent and hard work. This helps us to solve even the most demanding challenges and exceed expectations. It is easy to build a future on a strong foundation.

Our strategic focuses

Our success for future years is based on these strategic focus points:

UNIFORM DIRECTION: We strengthen the unity and collaboration within Ouneva Group.

WINNING TEAM: Ouneva Group will become the most attractive industrial workplace, where the work itself and the professionals meet.​

SOLUTION SELLING: We have a stable position as a partner for our customer in demanding applications.​

SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainability as a genuine part of all our operations and value chain.

FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES: Ouneva Group has efficient and sustainable technologies in use, now and in the future.