Strong electronics contract manufacturer

Jotwire is an established contract manufacturer of electronic and electrical system assemblies. We manufacture wire harnesses, electronics, electrical systems and box-built products professionally and cost-effectively. Continuous investment in modern production technology at the Jotwire facility perfects our competitive edge.

Our long-term customers include international and domestic companies in the special vehicle, electronics, mechanical engineering and electrical industries.

Due to our high volume we source the required components carefully and cost-effectively. We pay attention to our logistics, supplier network and the management of our delivery chain.



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The core of our electronics production is our high technology SMT line for both small and medium size production runs. We utilise a variety of SMT-lines, enabling us to provide a fully automated assembly of components rapidly and accurately. Our quality control uses SPI and AOI. Soldering quality of BGAs can be inspected by using X-ray.

Where required, we can manually mount components and complete the assemblies using wave soldering, selective soldering and robotic soldering techniques. Our various circuit board processing, quality control measures and testing systems complement our manufacturing expertise.

Our professional staff constantly monitor the assembly of the products, including the PCBAs or completed electronic products and their housings as required. We provide box-built, fully programmed and tested final products in the sales packages to our system customers.

Electrical systems

Electrical systems range from simple wire harnesses to complex switchboards and control panels which often contain hundreds of wires and intelligent components.

Jotwire has the facility and ability to automatically process wires and cable assemblies. Our investment in state-of-the-art technology ensures high level of automation, combined with rigorous quality control and testing prior to delivery.

In the assembly phase we use an electronic documentation system. It enables our skilled personnel to complete the connection and assembly work flawlessly and provides an excellent audit trail. The final product is often a combination of components, sub-assemblies and assemblies produced by other companies in the Ouneva Group. Injection moulding, die casting and sheet metal work as an example.


Testing is one of our key competences. We are self-sustained in the design, manufacture and programming of testing systems, including:
• Wiring tests
• Component tests
• In-circuit testing
• Functional testing
• Automatic X-ray inspection
• The seamless integration of customer testing systems