Automated grinding unit

An automatic grinding robot on standby

Increasing the amount of automation can have positive consequences for occupational health and safety, on top of other things. At Alsiva, the amount of manual labour related to finishing die-casted products was reduced significantly after investing in this automated finishing unit. The finishing stage for die-casted products often includes repetitive, manual phases that can cause strain injuries and are generally slow. We wanted to avoid all of that, and started to think about the best automated solution for grinding and finishing.

Our automation team got straight to work, and within six months, we had an efficient automation unit up and running. Our automation team has a nice track record of setting up comprehensive automation units in no time, and we are super happy to have them! The unit can be easily reprogrammed for any customer needs, and we found the scalability of the solution very important when starting the project.
Increased capacity, efficiency and especially occupational health and safety make us happy.

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