Machinery investments in our sheet metal production

Machinery investments have been made at Ouneva’s sheet metal factory. The new machines have been integrated to our production during the winter of 2023.

In our bending department, we invested into a new bending machine from Prima Power. The eP-1030 is an energy-efficient, user-friendly bending machine that guarantees short cycle times and efficient manufacturing of smaller batches.

For the finishing of sheet metal components, a deburring Lissmac SMW 123. The machine is used in finishing sheet metal parts by removing sharp edges and by grinding the surfaces. The machine can process parts up to 950 mm in width. The surfaces and edges of the processed products are ground and rounded. That adds visual effects to the product and increases user safety. The rounded edges also prevent paint from gathering up around the edges during a possible process of powder coating. This guarantees a high-quality finish.

If you have any questions about sheet metal manufacturing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Ouneva. Your sheet metal experts are Kyösti Muhonen, Tero Lätti and Mika Kosunen.