Aini – professional through practice

Aini is completing a vocational qualification in the field of logistics through an apprenticeship at Ouneva. Aini first became acquainted with Ouneva Group over a year ago.

Aini originally heard about Ouneva Group from friends. Just over a year ago, as part of her studies, Aini had a work placement period, during which she decided to apply to Ouneva. She ended up having two work placement periods with us. After the work placement periods, it was time to look for summer jobs, and Aini found her way back to Ouneva.

Currently, Aini’s apprenticeship training includes working in Ouneva’s outbound logistics. Aini’s days involve sending and receiving goods, as well as maintaining the inventory. When needed, Aini assists with assembly tasks. Aini mentions that practical learning suits her perfectly, as things are best remembered through hands-on experience.

Aini says she has enjoyed her tasks a lot. The job responsibilities are diverse and interesting. The most important lessons that Aini has taken away are precision and punctuality. The inventory must be meticulously documented, and products must be readily available for shipments, which Aini handles globally. Aini’s colleague, Esa, warmly praises her work ethic. Colleagues are crucial to enjoying work, and Aini emphasizes that the best thing about Ouneva is definitely the team!

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