Atte – diverse projects on the desk

Atte is a part of the IT team at Ouneva Group. He has been our colleague since 2019 when he worked as a summer intern in our IT support. According to Atte, the summer came and went, but he is still here.

Atte, originally from Kuusankoski, moved to Joensuu to study for a business ICT degree in 2016. While studying, he worked at Karelia University of Applied Sciences, taking care of, among other things, remote connection issues. When he joined us for the summer job, Atte noticed that there was a lot to improve within the Group, and the companies had a very positive attitude towards development. When offered the opportunity to continue working with us, Atte happily stayed!

On Atte’s desk, various development projects are ongoing across the Group, especially related to improving measurement and reporting. Atte has been involved in development activities across all our companies, particularly enjoying the development of various support tools. According to Atte, the focus of development is on improving internal operations, reporting, and digitization. Atte has also been involved in developing an intranet for Ouneva Group and actively collaborates with marketing, focusing on our websites. We have developed both the Group’s own website, our Careers pages and Ouneva Oy’s connector product pages.

Atte sees the breadth of Ouneva Group’s operations as the best part of his work. That’s why there are many different stages in daily operations, and development ideas are always found together. At Ouneva Group, there is a strong attitude towards development, and Atte praises the fact that there is considerable freedom and support in projects.

The IT industry is in constant change, and its fast pace is characteristic for it. According to Atte, future IT professionals should approach changes with an open mind and stay well-informed about them. Atte also comments that in the field, it’s better to be somewhat of a generalist. A versatile skill set brings the greatest benefit in everyday life.

Artificial intelligence and its use in business are currently a topic of discussion for many. We asked Atte what thoughts it evokes in him. According to him, artificial intelligence is a tool, just like any other. Tools work as well as one knows how to use them!

In his free time, Atte relaxes at the gym, spends time with his dogs, and during the Formula 1 season, weekends are dedicated to watching the races. Atte also runs a business that provides online stores and one online store of his own, which are his playgrounds where he can test and try out new things!