Carita – return to the roots

Carita has a long career in Ouneva Group. The job runs in the family as well, since her mother and brother have both worked with us as well! An internship to get familiar with working life in high school started Carita’s career with us. Back then she worked in a connector team at Jotwire with her mother. After the internship, she applied for a summer job with us in 2008 and came back in 2010! Carita said she felt very comfortable working with us and decided to apply to join us once again. After the third summer job in 2011, Carita stayed onboard for a year.

Carita has worked with us at Jotwire and Ouneva. She has worked in many production roles, but especially mentions liking the assembly teamwork at Jotwire. She likes to work with her hands and to create something, which has made the jobs at Ouneva Group really interesting. Carita has worked in other jobs while living in Helsinki, Joensuu and Kouvola, but luckily life has brought her back to work with us!

Carita’s brother also works at Ouneva Group. In 2021, they did a home swap with her brother, giving her an opportunity to live with her kids at their home estate in Öllölä. A big house with a large yard for the kids to play in was the best choice in that moment. In 2021 she came to work at Jotwire, but soon after their operations were moved completely to the new Lehmo factory. Carita opted to move to work at Ouneva and has worked in our outbound logistics team for six months now.

Now living in Tuupovaara, our home village, Carita has been happy with her work situation. In her own words, the job is really diverse with different tasks, and she likes it. It’s also easy to feel like a part of the team at Ouneva. Her move back to home grounds has of course also been influenced by wanting to raise her kids close to family, and the conditions that the small village offers. Like she said to us “you will hear if your kids have been doing naughty things”!

All in all, Carita says that it’s easy to feel at home in Tuupovaara and at Ouneva Group.

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