Iida – hands-on approach comes first

Iida is part of the Top Speed team. She has been among the surface treatment professionals at Top Speed for nearly two years now.

Iida started at Top Speed as a temporary employee. Her work ethic impressed, and after half a year, Iida joined the company as a permanent staff member. She expresses that she has enjoyed her time and praises Top Speed as a pleasant place to spend a significant part of her weekdays.

Iida’s educational background is in building painting. Many of our colleagues working in surface treatment have completed the basic training in surface treatment. This education has supported their daily work by providing a solid foundation for tasks. In Iida’s role in powder coating, her duties include, of course, painting products. Additionally, the team collaborates on hanging the products on the automated line, and throughout the entire process of coated products all the way up to packaging.

In the field of surface treatment, Iida was particularly drawn to the practical nature of the industry. It is essential for her to be actively involved in doing things rather than just sitting still all day. An active work approach is crucial for Iida. In her opinion, precision is the most important quality for someone working in surface treatment. The work of visual refinement cannot be done haphazardly; it requires focus. Iida finds it satisfying that the quality of her work and the immediate visibility of its results are crucial. Over the years, she feels that her professional skills have developed significantly, evident in the quality of the products and the efficiency of her work.

In her free time, Iida actively goes to the gym. Taking care of oneself is important, especially when dealing with the painting of more intricate pieces – it requires a strong body!

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