Investment in vibratory deburring line

A new trough-model vibratory deburring line has been invested in at Alsiva. Compared to the previous line, the new line has been arranged more efficiently in the same space. Workspace has been freed up by placing the line’s tanks in a loft, freeing up floor space for both the line and work.

The new line has a wider trough, allowing for more products to be processed at once. The line also features an internal circulation of deburring material with a more efficient cleaning process. The purification of process water in the new line is significantly more effective, with zero waste water coming out from the process!

Vibratory deburring is performed on die-cast parts at Alsiva to improve both visual and technical quality. Vibratory deburring is commonly done on die-cast products before powder coating. Deburring removes sharp edges from the product, smoothens the surface, and prepares it for surface treatment.

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