Jonna – first hobby swept her away

Jonna Aalto is a young talent in the 100-meter run. We met our sponsored athlete in September during training.

Jonna is originally from Helsinki but currently resides in Joensuu. She attends high school and simultaneously trains for both the 100 meters and 200 meters sprints. Jonna’s interest in running started in elementary school when her physical education teacher noticed her speed. Jonna’s father has been involved in track and field, so the family’s support for her dedicated pursuit was immediately in place.

Jonna began competing in middle school. Now, a few years later, Jonna won silver in the 100 meters at the National Championships in the W17 category. Running was Jonna’s first sports activity, and she couldn’t have guessed how thoroughly the sport would captivate her!

In the 200 meters competition at the National Championships, Jonna suffered a hamstring injury, which initially disappointed her a lot. However, as rehabilitation progresses well, Jonna mentioned that the setback has motivated her even more in the sport. Significant progress has been made in her recovery, and during the winter season, the focus is on building basic fitness, muscle strength, and flexibility. The eagerness for the upcoming season is palpable!

Jonna’s only goal is to develop as much as possible. According to her, it’s easy to say one wants to, for example, win a world championship, but life may bring surprises, and sports involve ups and downs. At the moment, the main focus is on carefully rehabilitating the hamstring injury and giving the next season everything she has. Jonna is particularly motivated in the sport by the opportunity for self-improvement.

“It’s fantastic that Ouneva Group has chosen to support my sports career. I am truly grateful and happy about it. It’s also amazing that Ouneva Group is my first sponsor. Ouneva’s support has helped me cover both competition expenses and other basic needs associated with the sport, which can unexpectedly add up quite a bit.”

We are delighted to be part of Jonna’s journey. Keep an eye out for her in next season’s track and field competitions! You can also follow her on Instagram @jonna.aalto.