Mika – together towards a safer workplace

Occupational health and safety manager Mika Meriläinen

Mika is the production manager at Jotwire. He is responsible for the whole production at Jotwire, and is also actively committed in developing our occupational health and safety matters.

Mika graduated as an electronics engineer in 2004. It was 2005 when he applied for a job at Jotwire. Immediately after his interview, he got the call to come and work! His 18-year long career started as a wire cutter. His development-oriented mind went straight to work by updating the operations related to the wire cutting department. Production quality and work safety were already then an integral theme in the development project.

After a couple years of intense development, Mika became the occupational safety and health representative. Back then he was also working as the team leader for the wire cutting team. When working as a team leader, you get to see the work being carried out in a daily setting, from the best spot. According to Mika, that makes the communication about development areas and recognizing them easier. Since 2006, Mika has been closely involved in implementing investments, such as new machinery. That has allowed him to pay close attention to especially reducing quality flaws and optimizing the overall production. In 2011, Mika moved on to the tasks of production engineer and became a supervisor.

Mika’s long career with us is based on continuous development. He has always wanted to develop himself and go forward. New career opportunities have come and gone, but Mika has always seen it clearly, that Ouneva Group has wanted to go forwards in the same pace. That has kept him working with us.

We asked Mika what the aspects are related to our staff that enable the development of occupational health and safety. According to him, it is integral that the staff has the mindset for development, and that they bring their ideas forward. Committed and active staff plays a big role. Mika says that especially very experienced workers are valuable sources for what to improve and how to do it. The supervisor must have skills to listen, and they must deliver the relevant information to the right people. Mika tells us, that what helps him in his career is that he has gotten familiar with all of the tasks in the factory by doing rounds with different members of the staff. When you see the everyday life, you have better understanding about how things are done, and you are able to react better to all kinds of issues.

A safe working environment is very important to us. Mika has gone through countless courses related to improving occupational health and safety and says that extra training is vital to success in these projects. Our ISO45001 certification was a great success in his career. Mika highlights after all, that a safe and functional working environment is built together with every member of the staff. Jotwire has indeed celebrated accident-free years recently. Great work!

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