Mika – work in a future-proof industry

Mika is our colleague at Jotwire. He works in the electronics department as a production engineer. We discussed Mika’s career and future prospects.

Mika started his internship at Jotwire in 2018. The tasks were diverse even during the internship, and when a permanent position was offered, Mika gladly stayed with us. After the internship, Mika worked in electronics production for several years. His tasks included assembling and testing products on the production side. His knowledge of the products grew significantly during his tasks.

At the beginning of 2023, a position as a production engineer opened up working with familiar products, and Mika was recommended for the position. In February, Mika was in his new role. According to Mika, the job description of a production engineer includes a lot of machine operation, documentation, and most importantly, ensuring the needs of production are met. Daily presence in production is important for both good team spirit and smooth workflow.

Mika praises the team spirit in the electronics production team and considers working with the team the best part of his days. Collaboration with the team goes smoothly. According to Mika, he feels like he’s in a really good place in his career now!

Electronics, which has interested Mika since childhood, is his passion. He first studied to be an ICT installer, then he completed training as an electrician. After vocational training, his thirst for knowledge was still strong, and Mika studied information and communication technology at a university of applied sciences. Mika says that especially the skills he learned as an ICT installer are widely used in everyday life.

We asked Mika about the future trends in the electronics industry that he considers significant. Mika emphasizes that electronics will certainly not disappear from the world, so there will be demand for products. Through demand, there is also a high number of new innovations. Mika particularly highlights IoT devices that fit into Ouneva Group’s expertise and technology range as trends. Solutions for the electrification of transportation are also interesting from the Group’s perspective. Mika sees it as crucial from the perspective of the sustainability of electronic products that they are as long-lasting, durable, and reliable as possible, especially to reduce unnecessary electronic waste.

“Jotwire is helping to create a cleaner tomorrow by supporting the electrification of transportation.”

In his free time, Mika relaxes with what else, than electronics. Interested in various devices since childhood, Mika can fix almost anything. He immediately feels like dismantling and exploring new devices to see how they work. Below are some photos from Mika’s home workshop.

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