Ouneva Group looks towards the future

Man writing in a notepad

Ouneva Oy was founded 50 years ago. The success of the group is the result of daily hard work and persistence.

We started the anniversary year as a group of seven companies with a record year behind us. Despite the challenging world situation, our growth has continued strong. This year, the number of companies has increased to eight. We have also invested in new production facilities, machinery, and in our staff and their expertise.

Understanding and anticipating the future is vital for us as a contract manufacturer. In the coming years, taking care of the environment will play a key role and it is everyone’s responsibility. At Ouneva Group, responsibility starts from the core operations and everyday matters. In addition to innovations, investments and refining processes, our goal is to create a comprehensive culture for sustainable development both inside and outside of the group.

Although the world is constantly changing, our most important values remain the same. Ouneva Group has been built together with our long-term customers and partners, our skilled staff has enabled the tremendous development and North Karelia has been a good place to do business. These are the relationships we want to maintain in the future as well.

Thank you for your cooperation and best of success for 2023!

Mikko Nevalainen

President, Ouneva Group