Saku – new challenges in the Group

Saku works as a machinist at Ase Utra. Saku found new challenges within Ouneva Group in October 2023 when he moved from Alsiva’s foundry on the other side of the road to join the team at Ase Utra. 

Saku’s career at Ouneva Group began a couple of years ago as a foundry worker at Alsiva. He started as a temporary employee and was soon offered a permanent position. Gradually, new challenges and different tasks began to pique his interest, and there was an opening for a machinist position at Ase Utra. Saku decided to apply for the position through an internal job posting. 

Saku praises the clarity of the internal transfer process. The matter was discussed constructively in both companies, and the start of the new job was decided collaboratively as a team.  

In his current role as a machinist, Saku states that he has been enjoying his work. The experience has been very positive, and Saku especially appreciates the facilities at Ase Utra. The new premises are well-lit, and the recently acquired equipment and machines make the work smooth. Saku mentions that he has adapted well to the precision required in machining, which has a different work mentality. Once accustomed, Saku has been able to perform his job well, and the products are becoming familiar to him. 

While Saku had limited previous experience in machining, he notes that the training at Ase Utra has been of high quality. Practical hands-on experience has helped him retain the information. Saku has studied programming, and he mentions that understanding code has been extremely useful in learning machining. Modern machines operate through various programs, so understanding the basics of programming is truly beneficial! 

In his free time, Saku enjoys programming and plays games, especially during the winter. He is also interested in 3D printing and indulges in printing various projects at home for his own enjoyment. During the summer, Saku’s calendar is filled with a lot of time spent at the family cottage.