Salla – working in a unique industry

Salla currently works in mould maintenance at Alsiva’s foundry. She has a long career with us in both sheet metal technologies and foundry work. 

Salla’s career at Ouneva Group began years ago at Ouneva Oy’s sheet metal factory as a summer worker. She worked summers in assembly for a couple of years before transitioning to part-time work in painting after starting her studies. During the first few years, Salla gained basic knowledge of the industry and working with metal.  

Salla applied to work at Alsiva over five years ago. She started in finishing, after which she was responsible for an entire zinc casting line. After some time in that responsible role, Salla took a one-and-a-half-year break for maternity leave to focus on the most important responsibility of one’s life. Upon returning from maternity leave, Salla resumed her duties in zinc casting, specializing particularly in mould settings. 

Salla heard about the job at Alsiva through a relative. As having studied to become a cosmetologist, the industry was completely new to her, but she found herself deeply interested in foundry work after a short time. She expresses pride in working in such a unique field. Foundry work is highly diverse, and skills are passed down from generation to generation.  

There is very little specific training for the industry, so the importance of good training and mentoring is significant. Having worked in mould maintenance for two years, Salla praises her mentor, who is closely involved in her daily work. As a counterbalance to active presence, the team encourages initiative and innovative thinking. When challenges arise, they approach them with open-mindedness to find solutions. 

Salla enjoys her daily life. Her current role in mould maintenance is active, as Alsiva’s production space is extensive. Nearly 8 million cast products leave production each year, so moulds are constantly maintained and installed throughout the hall. The most rewarding aspects for Salla at Alsiva are the diversity of her workdays and the ability to influence production through her own work. She also enjoys the physicality of the job and the problem-solving nature of everyday life. Salla also speaks highly of her colleagues at Alsiva. To balance her work life, she enjoys jogging and spending time with her family.