Timo – a new role in the Group

Timo, or Tipi in a more familiar way, is an experienced professional in quality management. He also has long experience from Ouneva Group, due to transferring into the service of Jotwire internally from Valukumpu. Timo worked as a Project Quality Engineer at Valukumpu for 3,5 years and moved to Jotwire into the role of Quality Manager in 2022.

Timo’s educational background is in plastics technology. After university studies, he started an internship at Perlos in 1998. In 2000, he started as a quality engineer at the same company. In 2004, Timo became the quality manager of a business area for the automotive sector at Perlos. As a quality manager, Timo got lots of international experience. Business trips were taken to China and the United States, as well as to locations closer to home, such as Hungary, The Netherlands and Czech Republic.

After Perlos quit its operations, Timo moved to Valukumpu for a maternity leave cover. After the cover period was done, Timo spent over 7 years at Medisize. After a long career there, his mind desired for new challenges. There was a suitable open position at Valukumpu, so the new challenges brought Timo to his current career path within a familiar business. Timo tells us that his decision to come back to Valukumpu was especially influenced by Ouneva Group being a North Karelian family-owned business instead of a large public company.

Timo tells us that his career in quality management started kind of by accident. After his quality-related internship, his career just steered itself towards quality management. Producing quality and doing things in the best way possible are now in Timo’s muscle memory.

Timo says, that he gets to utilize his expertise very well in his new role, and he likes the big projects that he gets to work on. At the moment, Timo is developing quality management systems for the daughter companies of Jotwire, in accordance with the parent company’s values and operational principles. He is also developing and improving handling of claims. Reducing claims is a project, that is always on the table of a quality manager. It is a matter of principle for Timo!

Timo ran into the open position of Quality Manager at Jotwire on social media. An open position within the group sounded like it matched Timo’s strengths really well, and he decided to apply. The interview was done by phone from a parking lot in The Netherlands, because Timo was on an old VW Beetle tour in Central Europe. He got the job, and started in the new job in a flexible way, doing a few days a week at his old job to ease the transition, and a few days in the new job. There are lots of things to learn in the new job, but Timo mentions that it is especially interesting to work with integrating our Estonian companies to the Group even better. As a balance to a demanding job, Timo restores old cars. He says that worries are forgotten in the garage. He also does competitive adventure sports to stay in shape!

A career path within Ouneva Group was born in a flexible manner. Experience of the group is an absolute advantage, and Timo says that he especially like the North Karelian way of working. People are relaxed and sensible, and work is carried out nicely all together.