Toni – new responsibilities in the everyday life

Toni works at Top Speed as a supervisor in the grinding department. Toni progressed in his career from the role of a painter to that of a supervisor, where he is responsible for a team of 7 people.

Toni’s background is diverse, but he has 15 years of experience in various painting jobs. He has studied for degrees in rock construction and wood construction and has previously worked in those fields. With his Surface Master training, he has a strong command of surface treatment. Toni’s thoughts on working life strongly advocate that if you feel you’re in a field that doesn’t interest you much, it’s definitely worth changing fields and finding work that excites you. Going through different industries and jobs ultimately made him stick around at Top Speed.

Toni has been with Top Speed for just over four years now. The new supervisory responsibilities have been interesting for him, and Toni says he enjoys the new role. Advancing in one’s career, for example, to become a team leader or supervisor, is possible at Ouneva Group! For Toni, being a supervisor means ensuring that everyone feels good at work in their daily lives. He sees being a supervisor somewhat like a service profession. A supervisor supports everyday tasks, helps when needed, provides feedback, and ensures that the conditions for carrying out the work are in place.

To unwind from everyday life, Toni goes to the gym and works on projects in his garage. Currently, Toni is working on a 70s Triumph and one motorcycle. Working on his own projects makes him forget about work, and it also helps him maintain his professional skills!

We also asked Toni what he thinks about Top Speed’s expansion project. Toni finds the change exciting and interesting in a good way. The change is welcome, and it’s important to Toni that operations are modernized and that investment is made in production.

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