Our New Strategy Extends to 2030

Ouneva Group has launched a new strategy extending to 2030, along with refreshed values and brand. Our vision, “Together we create sustainable solutions for our future” signifies that the comprehensive solutions for the evolving needs of our customers will be created together with our customers, partners, and Ouneva Group’s experts. By 2030, we aim to be the number one choice for our customers’ demanding applications.

We have set our goal to be a responsibly growing, profitable entity whose financial stability enables future investments. Our growth will primarily be driven organically, with the possibility of carefully considered acquisitions that support our growth objectives.

To achieve this goal, we must continue to develop Ouneva Group’s collective efforts by investing in high quality leadership and employee well-being. In the future, we want to offer our customers the best solutions using our combined expertise and future technologies. Sustainability must also be a genuine part of our entire business and value chain.

Our strengths lie in a stable financial foundation, a dedicated and skilled staff, the agility of a family business, a broad and committed customer base, a unique technology portfolio, in-house automation expertise, and a strong work ethic. We understand the potential of sheet metal and the essence of zinc. In our hands, the combinations of materials and technologies offer endless possibilities. This insightfulness is a central part of our identity, formed by our vision, agility, and reliability. Behind everything is over 50 years of persistent and hard work. It has created a solid foundation for success, which is essential for our customers’ success.

In addition to our strategy, we have also refreshed our values and brand. You can learn more about them at: brand.ounevagroup.fi.

You can take a closer look at our strategy on the Strategy page.