From a project to graduation

Collaborating with students is important to us. We offer students opportunities to influence our operations through real-life projects. They are a great way to develop expertise in a realistic working environment. For us, the projects bring new ideas and a chance to commit young professionals into the working life and a career with us.

The professionals below did great projects with us and you can read more about their thoughts in the article. You can get to know a couple of previous students, who also collaborated with us here.

For Nelli, Ouneva Group was already familiar through another project she did with us during her studies. She has also been working with us for three summers when she was a bit younger. Our collaboration has always gone well, and the latest project left her with good feelings. Nelli says that communication with us was smooth during the whole project. The colleagues were relaxed and flexible. Nelli’s view on student collaborations is that companies need to actively market their opportunities towards the students. And just like you take care of colleagues at work, you also must take care of students! It was a pleasure to hear Nelli’s thoughts and to work with her!

Sami did his internship for university studies with us. Sami also knows Ouneva Group from way before, since he has been working at Valukumpu for the summers since 2015! When his studies started to get closer to doing an internship, his choice of company was quite easy. Sami tells us that his internship went well, and he feels that he learned a lot. He even got surprised about how he got to see the organization closer and from a different viewpoint. Sami’s internship involved tasks in sales and marketing. He especially liked meetings with customers. The team he worked closely with during the internship was something special for him as well!


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