Ouneva Group X Adven – local and responsible energy production

One of the key elements of our strategy here at Ouneva Group is corporate responsibility. We want to be in business as long as we can, but we also want to ensure we are not wasting resources and that we are supporting sustainable growth. One of our contributions to a more responsible Ouneva Group is our collaboration with Adven. Adven provides our new electronics factory at Lehmo, as well as the Ase Utra plant with sustainable energy, coming from an energy plant that is strategically located right next to our new factory.

The collaboration between Ouneva Group and Adven focuses on thermal energy solutions for the Jotwire factory. The factory is being heated with wood pellets, that come from FSC or PEFC certified forests in Finland.

The main advantages of this material in energy production are:

  • material is from Finland, so it increases employment and does not have to be transported too much
  • reduces the need for fossil fuels
  • secure material that can always be acquired in Finland
  • the material price is stable, fluctuations in oil or gas prices do not affect the material prices


We talked to Harri Piipponen from Adven about the collaboration project, and how we expect that our collaboration will affect the responsibility of Ouneva Group. Here’s what we found out.

“The project took around six months to complete, from planning to building the facility. The facility currently offers thermal energy for the area, including the Ouneva Group factories. The wood pellets come from either PEFC or FSC certified forests, so they truly are a sustainable energy recourse. As well as being from responsible sources, the pellets are a fully emission-free material in the current system. The power facility operates independently, and it is very efficient and perfectly enough for demanding energy needs. For example, at the Jotwire factory, the clean room production needs very precise temperatures, and the facility responds well to the changing needs.”

We often hit temperatures of around -30 degrees Celsius for a some weeks here in Joensuu, and Harri told us that the energy facility does not run at full capacity even then. Seems like we made a good choice in our energy solutions. Adven has the same respect towards long partnerships like us here at Ouneva Group, and we hope to continue our collaboration for the decades to come.

You can read more about Adven here.

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